Liaison Support for City Agency Inter-operations

  • When a large-scale incident occurs, your organization may need a team to interact and collaborate with outside agencies such as local law enforcement, medical responders, fire department, or federal HAZMAT teams. Your organization should have members prepared to communicate effectively and coordinate with outside entities.
  • Flying Aces will help your company build a team that will be able to confidently communicate and coordinate with inter-city agencies by reviewing resources available, the different types of necessary responses and equipment to have on-site as well as types of equipment to request. Your members will learn nomenclature, industry verbiage, and law enforcement vernacular that will make communication with these external agencies seamless.
  • By having a team of your own personnel prepared to liaison with inter-city agencies, you will speed up the emergency response time, saving lives and limiting your liability as an organization.
  • Having the ability to send a team with the necessary experience and skill-set to confidently coordinate with outside agencies that will be responding to your critical incident could be the difference between success and tragedy. Your organization needs to be prepared to act.
  • Flying Aces will ensure your team is prepared to take immediate action by activating your company’s safety plan and alerting the additional supporting agencies about your critical incident - what information they require and what your immediate needs are. Your team will effectively communicate all information that the responders will need in order to improve their preparation and response.
Liaison Support for