We prepare and organize you and your team for any emergency situation

You and your team are regularly in emergency, hostile and high-stress situations. Your team must be ready, prepared and organized in order to execute their jobs effectively and to prevent personal injury and risk to the public. Our training and consulting for public safety personnel consists of innovative tactical courses, interactive and table top drills, and introductory and advanced medical training.

The Flying Aces instructors are highly skilled professionals with decades of real world experience from some of the busiest agencies in the industry. Our instructors have first hand experience in security, policing, EMS, fire, federal and military services. Their avant-garde mindset creates a unique approach to each course presented. Our training will prepare your team for success in the field, improve life safety in high stress scenarios, and reduce liability. With a highly trained and intelligent team, you will feel confident and ready for any situation you and your team encounter.

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