Risk Analysis for Large & Small Scale Events

  • Public and private events consisting of a large number of people gathered together may require increased security, safety, and medical preparedness.
  • The experts at Flying Aces will come to you and perform in-person site assessments, computer mapping, and safety analysis, to determine the specific needs and logistical planning required to support your event’s success.
  • Risk Analysis assessments will decrease insurance liabilities by improving security and response measures while reducing safety concerns, medical emergencies, and panic.
  • Organizations should not wait for a crowd to become a concern. Your organization should have a proper assessment of such events PRIOR to the day of the gathering with experts performing a top-to-bottom security, threat analysis, medical planning, and logistical support to expose the risks to your organization and subsequently develop the solutions.
  • Flying Aces have highly experienced and skilled field experts who will provide a detailed assessment plan and a proposal of services that can be utilized to ensure the safety of your event such as critical incident action plans, onsite staffing needs, and tabletop event management exercises.
Risk Analysis large and small events