Site Surveys & Vulnerability Planning

  • Office complexes, manufacturing environments, and residential developments often have security measures in place, some quite extensive, but not every site has been analyzed by some of the world’s leading experts. Gaps exist in the most heavily secured areas and a fresh pair of expert eyes can expose those gaps.
  • Skilled and competent experts with years of experience in law enforcement, security, and fire safety will prepare a detailed written assessment with visual diagrams and photographs to highlight recommendations to increase security, improve technology and communications as well as enhance fire safety.
  • By having Flying Aces perform a safety audit with these initial and recurrent assessments, your organization will improve the security and response measures necessary to keep your facility safe. By limiting the possibility of catastrophic incidents and reducing insurance liabilities, your organization will reduce costs and increase staff and customer safety and trust.
  • Flying Aces will perform an in-person safety and security analysis of your site, allowing us to make an extensive evaluation of people entering and exiting locations, processes, and security measures currently in place, as well as the structure’s technological features to gain a better understanding of the current operation.
  • Even the most tenured security teams are often too close to the issues, and can unknowingly overlook details that an experienced team will uncover. Experts from Flying Aces, with their real-world knowledge, will expose details of security risks, and vulnerability flaws that may often go unnoticed by on-site security teams who may have grown too comfortable in their position.
Site Surveys and Vulnerability